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SheWolf Events & Designing is a Chandigarh based company specialized in wedding organizing, decorations and all over event planning. We understand your unique requirements and our young team of creative minds strive to make your event perfect. 

Here at Shewolf Events & Designing, You will get all designs custom made. We do crafts, we are passionate about wrapping gifts and making it a bundle of joy, we spread ourselves on social networks to link up with original talent. We are trying to enter the world with versatility.

To save your time SheWolf Events & Designing is a one stop shop for all event essentials. From decor and design to catering, hospitality, entertainment, dj and valet.

SheWolf is all about spreading happiness 🙂

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How does it work?

Well, we start with an initial consultation to identify your detailed requirements, find out what you have planned so far (if anything), understand your personal styles and determine what level of help you need to turn your ideas into stunning reality.

We are passionate SheWolfers that specialize in an event that calls for a celebration ! Weddings, Parties, Baby Shower, Corporate & More!


Diksha Sheoran

Founder of SheWolf Events & Designing

Diksha has vast areas of interest but gaining experience and knowledge are her first preference. She is a student as well as working girl. She likes to explore things and give her 100% to the job given to her with creativity. A straight forward person and like to prove her worth in every field. 

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