7 Wardrobe Essentials for Boys

A guy doesn’t care about his outfit very often but when he does, he gives his best. Men like to stay very simple and elegant. 


Wearing the correct outfit for any occasion is a matter of good manners.

  • Basic White or Black Tee shirt :

Whether you are a girl or a boy, you should own a basic black or white tee. Tee shirts go with each and everything. You can choose between a round neck or a V-neck.


And, they are comfortable as well!

  • Plain Formal Shirt :

Shirts are gentleman’s wear. Any of these colors- black, blue or white are preferred. you can pair a shirt with anything, khaki pants or Denim or under a suit.


  • Chinos (Khaki Pants) :

Today, Chinos are most demanding part of your wardrobe. Tired of black and white but want something simple, Go for Chinos. You will never be disappointed. Wear the with a formal shirt or with a blazer or a casual tee shirt, Anything!


  • Denims :

A good pair of denim is a versatile cloth in your wardrobe. You can wear denim during a casual day or a party. This is a good investment. I personally suggest, buy a pair of denim.


Also, Don’t even worry about washing it regularly 😀

  • Loafers :

Works with everything. You can wear them with a suit or denim or shorts. There are many types of leather shoes, Choose wisely!


  • A Complete Suit :

Even if you don’t consider yourself a fancy person, there will be a time when you would HAVE to wear a suit. A suit looks sexy. You can even always use it in multiple ways. Like, Pants with other outfit or shirt with your chinos.


  • A Watch :

A grown man wears a watch. Go for a simple leather watch or   a digital watch. But avoid seeming too flashy.


Best Investment you will ever make is in You. Being gentlemen never goes out of Fashion!

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    That’s really shdewr! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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