Be The Best Version Of Yourself


You yourself are the best and can be like the best in the world .

There are lots of things whirling inside the mind of a common human being , if those things are towards a good end they will always boost moral but if those things are not set right towards the end they may become lethal.

To overcome these life challenging thoughts one must feel that he/she is the best in this world 🙂

To feel such overwhelming feeling one can do some things to feel superior .

1. Your inner Child


We grow up, find partners, live on our own or with a partner, have children, get married, develop new patterns and coping mechanisms. Dont be a robot, spice up your life as a human! Retry the things you loved doing as a kid.

Stop obsessing over the small things or Stop obsessing over calories.

Kids are able to feel something intensely and then move on quickly from it.

Never say the phrase “I’m too old”.

Explore the world with your eyes and juss see how the beautiful the world is. Ignoring the unnecessary things you can actually enjoy living in this bad world . the question still comes to the mind is how can you be the best. And the answer lies inside you..!

2. Your thoughts and your will power.


Thoughts become thing!

Make solid and decisive opinions and value your thoughts over them.

No matter what the world thinks about you , you juss have to make sure that you prioritise your thoughts. If you have confidence and you value your thoughts, Your thoughts can change the mindset of others.

It all begins and ends in your MIND, what you give power to has POWER over you if you allow it.

3. Respect Yourself –


Respect the person you are , no matter what situation you are in. Juss make sure you are good to the world and yourself and you will start to respect yourself .

This will boost your confidence and you will b a different but amazing person .

Until you value yourself, you wont value your time. Until you value your time, you wont do anything with it.. Never waste your feelings on people who dont value YOU!

So learn to Respect yourself!

4. Be Trendy-


Be casual but  there is way to be casual and be trendy.. Wear awesome clothes and accessories..

Wear sweats, dress, suit, jean, gucci, forever21 or lifestyle, doesnt matter but look awesome..

Become the trend setter and see how this fast moving world starts following you.

5. Eat-Sleep-Work-Repeat


Train like an athelete,

Eat like nutritionist,

Sleep like a baby,

Win.. Like a champion..

You have work to do, WORK! Eat healthy! Exercise and Stay Strong!

But be Unique!

6. Spice Up Your Life-


Everything is repeating.. I know I said that BUT!! you can always do the things with some excitement.

Turn everyday chores into something fun: Atleast dance!

Spice things up between your job and routine & see how a boring life becomes amazing . Race it up while goin to office sometimes . Do pranks! Laugh together! Dance together!

Guys basically am trying to say is create your beats,  go with the tempo and you will soon have a different and entertaining life.

7. Work On DREAMS!


Dream big , dream high and go for it.

Someone said dreams are not those which come during sleep , dreams are those which dont let you sleep .

Dream big and give 100% to it .

You like to write? WRITE!! like to paint? paint the world!!

if you think you cant  juss change the whole thing.. start slow.. but atleast take an initiation..

Once you are close to your dream your world will b changed and once you complete your dream you will b the happiest person in the universe..

Start Simple!!


Come back to Earth gently. Sure, you will eventually have to return to responsible adulthood. But learn from the fun that childhood teaches. Learn to always cast back your memory to fun childhood times and the things that made you feel safe, fulfilled and happy. Build on those memories in a way that allows you to be the responsible adult influenced for the better by the carefree child inside.

6 thoughts on “Be The Best Version Of Yourself”

  1. Dinesh Bohra says:

    Nice article. Very motivating. Good going Diksha!!!!

    1. shewolf719 says:

      Thankyou Dinesh 🙂

      1. Dayana says:

        This post has helped me think things thurogh

    2. Vyolet says:

      I lirtlaely jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

  2. Aahna Sharma says:

    best article 🙂

    1. Millicent says:

      You’ve maanegd a first class post

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