Who is She and He?


Who is SHE?

She is your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter & many more relations. She is a beautiful person. She is the birth giver. She is your admiration. She is the one, when you need love and a shoulder to cry on. She is the one who makes you a man. She treats you like a king. She is a lady. A Human-being.

Who is HE?

He is your father, grandfather, brother, son & many more relations. He is a smart person. He is your role model. He is the one, when you need support and a person to talk to. He is the one who respects every woman. He treats you like a princess. He is a gentleman. A Human being.


7 Wardrobe Essentials (Girls)

Everyone person on this planet loves to shop, even if someone don’t they have to buy new clothes time to time. But how many of you shop something that can save your day when you don’t need anything fancy or trendy. There are days when a simple outfit can make you look elegant.


So, Go through some basic essentials of wardrobe.


When you hear – FRIENDS!


What actually happen when you hear the word, FRIENDS? You might be thinking about your real friends right now or bike rides with your friends or even flashback the moments with your friends.


It’s not same with me and my people 😉 :p

When we hear the word FRIENDS, we think about this –