Motivate Yourself to Initiate

go get it

1. Motivate Yourself :

Think about why you ACTUALLY need to take an initiation. Is it because you want success? or tired of being held back?? or your hard work isnt paying off???

motivate yourself

Convince yourself to do it..!!

2. Dont let fear defeat your self esteem :

We make choices based on fear instead of what is best for us. when we lack confidence we often stuck at a point where we dont want to. And you dont want that in your life again.!

Stand out in crowd because thats where belong.

self esteem

Stay focused! Stay Positive! You Can do it!

3. Dont wait for opportunity create it :

When you want something very strongly, and focus on it, things start happening. There is no magic here, just plain mental and emotional laws at work. You can create the opportunity for almost anything with the right attitude and the right thinking.


Just remember nothing is impossible.

4. Others too many want to lead, but you must never put your hand down :

You are aware of today’s situation, everyone wants to lead without even working hard for it. But you have waited so long for this moment to become real so dont let any other person ruin it.


Keep Going!

5. If not now, When ??

Replace excuses with EFFORT, replace lazziness with DETERMINATION, and everything else will fall in PLACE. So dont stop when you are tired.. Stop when you are DONE!!

you have to stand for yourself.. you need to work hard to be successful.. START WORKING ON IT NOW!!


Want it? Go get it!

5 thoughts on “Motivate Yourself to Initiate”

  1. Aahna Sharma says:

    keep it up like this

    1. Nyanna says:

      Learning a ton from these neat ariselct.

  2. Bharat Bhushan says:

    These are the energetic lines . I am so impressed from your thinking level dear.

    1. Janessa says:

      Haahaahh. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  3. Reggie says:

    It’s a joy to find sonomee who can think like that

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