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Wedding Invitation Ideas (Trendy Ones)

Wedding Invitation is the crucial part of a wedding. For many couples, wedding invitations are a monumental part of the traditional charm of a ceremony. Deciding how to word your invitations can be a challenge.

SheWolf Events & Designing came up with trendy wedding invitation card ideas :

  • An invitation full of goodies. You can give anything as a little present like, candles, sweets or anything your guests like.


  • Be creative and show your artisty skills. You can go crazy with vibrant colors and make it more colorful like your lives.


  • Same as above, but this box is handmade customized. It gives your personal touch.


  • Make it small but funny to see. Also a trendy card if you are planning like a beach wedding.


  • Add your cartoon image in the card and make it fun.


  • Your card doesn’t have to be a big. Your card can be of small size but has more content in it. This way it can be fun to open your card.


  • Traditional cards are never out of fashion. Give your card a royal look and make it traditional for your ceremony.


  • This is an another creative wedding card idea.


Your wedding card has to be perfect and beautiful. You don’t want your guest to think something false about you and your wedding plans. Do let us know if you like the trendy wedding invitation card ideas. Comment and share.


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