When you hear – FRIENDS!


What actually happen when you hear the word, FRIENDS? You might be thinking about your real friends right now or bike rides with your friends or even flashback the moments with your friends.


It’s not same with me and my people 😉 :p

When we hear the word FRIENDS, we think about this –


The Thanksgiving Dinners! 🙂

FRIENDS -- "The One With The Proposal Part II" -- Episode 25 -- Aired 05/18/2000 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller -- Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

Chandler proposing Monica 🙂


The Geller Cup competition :p


Joey and Chandler’s Friendship gives us serious friendship goals 🙂

FRIENDS, Courteney Cox Arquette, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Sasha Alexander, Jennifer Aniston, 'The One With Joey's Interview', (Season 8, epis. #819, aired 04/04/2002), 1994-2004, © Warner Bros. / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Central Perk – That sofa and coffee 🙂

This is FRIENDS!

When we hear the word FRIENDS, we imagine ourselves into the show. We imagine ourselves sitting on the red sofa and sipping coffee from the big mugs.

We listen Phoebe’s made up songs.

We laugh on the chandler’s sarcastic jokes.

We start thinking about Monica’s food on our table.

We correct our grammatical mistakes with the help of Ross.

We learn the selfless love from Joey.

We get the latest fashion tips by Rachel.


I always learn the best possible things from the FRIENDS. Like- Care, Share, Love, Laugh, Cry, EVERYTHING. There are endless things to say or write an article about friends series. But I can only sum up this much that this Friends series took me into a totally different world. Where I learnt that whatever happens, happens for good and you can deal with it! Whenever I watch Friends, I forget about all my worries and enjoys the moment. If you see the technical benefits – You learn a lot of new words, you can correct your grammar, you learn about Dinosaurs, you learn new ways to love your life with your loved ones 🙂 🙂


Now I know how to handle my emotions.

Now I know how to handle my life in every possible situation.

Most important, now I know how to Live my Life!


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